cool [ko͞ol]
[ME & OE col < IE base * gel-, cold, to freeze > CHILL, COLD, L gelu]
1. moderately cold; neither warm nor very cold
2. tending to reduce discomfort in warm or hot weather [cool clothes]
a) not excited; calm; composed [cool in an emergency ]
b) marked by control of the emotions; restrained [cool jazz]
c) Slang emotionally uninvolved; uncommitted; dispassionate
4. showing dislike or indifference; not cordial [a cool manner]
5. calmly impudent or bold
6. not suggesting warmth: said of colors in the blue-green end of the spectrum
7. Informal without exaggeration [he won a cool thousand dollars ]
8. Slang very good, pleasing, etc.; excellent
in a cool manner
1. a cool place, time, thing, part, etc. [the cool of the evening ]
2. Slang cool, dispassionate attitude or manner
[ME colien < OE colian, to cool]
to become cool or colder
to make cool or colder
cool down
1. to lower the body temperature, pulse, etc. after vigorous exercise
2. to become less heated, passionate, agitated, angry, etc.
☆ cool it
Slang to calm down
cool off
1. to calm down
2. to lose enthusiasm, interest, etc.
☆ cool out Slang
to make or become relaxed, calm, mollified, etc. [soothing words cooled him out]
☆ play it cool
Slang to exercise strict control over one's emotions; stay aloof, unenthusiastic, or uncommitted
SYN.- COOL, in this comparison, implies freedom from the heat of emotion or excitement, suggesting a calm, dispassionate attitude or a controlled alertness in difficult circumstances; COMPOSED suggests readiness to meet a trying situation through self-possession or the disciplining of one's emotions; COLLECTED stresses a being in full command of one's faculties or emotions in a distracting situation; UNRUFFLED suggests the maintenance of poise or composure in the face of something that might agitate or embarrass one; NONCHALANT stresses a cool lack of concern or casual indifference

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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